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Welcome to the eLinguaFolio system!

The K-12 Program Areas section of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is leading this student-focused initiative of language learning for modern language classrooms, dual language/immersion programs, Spanish for Native Speakers or other heritage languages classrooms, and English as a Second Language settings.

LinguaFolio is a research-based, formative assessment tool created to motivate and engage students as autonomous learners. The electronic version of LinguaFolio offers endless opportunities for K-20 language learners to establish learning goals and to document authentic evidences of their growing proficiency in the language they are studying.

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For support issues, email support@elinguafolio.org.  For other questions, please contact Ivanna Mann Thrower at ivanna.thrower@dpi.nc.gov or Ann Marie Gunter at ann.gunter@dpi.nc.gov


If your account has been locked, please contact help at support@elinguafolio.org to request that it be reactivated.

Login problems in June

We received some reports of people having intermittent trouble logging in.  The issue should have been resolved by yesterday evening; tests this morning showed logins to be working.  Please email support@elinguafolio.org if you're still having issues.